VistaDB 5
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CLR Proc Add Assembly

CLR Procs are managed DLLs. See the CLR Proc Howto for more information.

Once a CLR Proc assembly is added to a database the DLL is actually copied into the database. This allows you to xcopy the database without worrying about copying the CLR Proc dll. You do not deploy the dll with your application, it stays inside the database.

Select a previously built assembly using the top ... button. The rest of the entries are filled in through reflection of the DLL.

The available methods show the methods found in the current assembly that are valid to load as a stored procedure. Check the box in front of the procedure name to register it with the database.


If your DLL references any third party controls or libraries they will not be copied.
You must ensure that any external references are valid on the runtime machine or the CLR Proc may fail to execute.
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