VistaDB 5

The Options dialog consists of three tabs.


Text in cells with null value - This setting allows you to customize what is shown when a null value is present in an entry. The default is <null>.

You can also check the checkbox if you want to automatically open databases after creating them in SQL code (from the Query Window).

The maximum number of databases controls the number of previously opened databases displayed on the start screen and recent menu.

Configuration File

By default each database will have a vdc4 file associated with it. This configuration file contains the options for the database (like the settings set in this dialog), history of queries run, diagnostic information, etc.

By default the file is created if not present and is opened if present. Uncheck the automatically save option to prevent the vdc4 file from being created.


The rows locking mechanism is set to pessimistic locking by default.

Cache Size: 1 (default)
The cache size controls how many pages of the database to attempt to keep in memory at one time. This is a multiple of the database size (1 meaning 1,024 bytes).