VistaDB 5
Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard, Menu, and Toolbar

The SQL Query window supports a number of shortcut keys, and most of these options have menu and toolbar equivalents as well.

Execute Query - F5 or Ctrl-E

Run the current command. You may run a partial command in the pane by selecting it with the cursor. Only the highlighted part of the command will be executed.

SQL History F6

Brings up a dialog that allow you to view recent command history. This history is kept in the vdc4 file beside the database. This config file may be deleted and is not required for database operation.

Clear Results F7

Clears the results from the lower pane to free resources.

New Query F8

Clears the command from the Query Expression. Any existing query will be lost if not saved first.

Open Query F9 - Ctrl-O

Open a previously saved query from disk (vsql4 files).

Save Query F10 - Ctrl-S

Save the current file in the editor, or prompt you to save as a new file if the sql is a new file. The editor control will convert all changes in the file since loading to green. Yellow changes are changes made since the last save of the file.

Select All Ctrl-A

Select all the text in the query editor.

Goto Line Ctrl-G

Goto a specific line in the editor. If the line is currently collapsed it will expand the node automatically.

Find / Replace Ctrl-F

Find and replace functionality including incremental search. Searches can be performed for words, partial words, regex expressions and more.

Print Ctrl-P

Display the print dialog and then print the current sql query to the printer.

Delete to end of word - Ctrl-Del

Deletes to the end of the current word.

Navigate to previous word Ctrl-Backspace

Go backward in document to previous word.

Cut Line Ctrl-L

Cut current line to the clipboard.

Undo Ctrl-Z

Undo last made edit. Undo buffer can grow almost unlimited in size. Only way to clear the undo buffer is to open a new document.

Redo - Ctrl-Y

Redo (if available) the last undo operation.

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