VistaDB 5
VSQL5 Files and sql file management

SQL script typed into the SQL Query pane may be saved to disk in the form of VSQL4 files. These files are UTF8 encoded text files.

Loading a VSQL4 File

Ctrl-O, the menu item File Open Sql Query, or the toolbar button for Open Sql Query will open the load dialog. Choosing a VSQL4 file will then load it into the SQL Query Pane.

Saving a VSQL4 file

Ctrl-S the menu item File - Save Sql Query, or the toolbar button for Save Sql Query will save the currently loaded query to disk. If the file already has a name it will be saved in place of the existing file. If the query does not have a name the user will be prompted to choose a location and name.

Do vsql4 files have to be with the database?

By default sql script file will open located in the same directory location as the current database. But the VSQL4 files do not have to be saved with the database. They may be stored anywhere the current user has permissions to write.

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