VistaDB 5
Data File Information

This is the default screen show after opening a database. The key information about the database is shown, and there is a row of buttons along the top.

Commands from buttons


Clicking this button will prompt for a confirmation. The database will be packed in place and overwrite the current database. All indexes are dropped and rebuilt during the pack operation as well.


The Database Properties Dialog allows you to edit the description, locale, Case Sensitivity and page size of the database.

NOTE: The encryption key will be shown as a series of * marks if one is set. To change the encryption click the Encryption button (see below).

Encryption Key

The encryption key is not a database password (like Microsoft Access). Setting the encryption key for a database does much more than just prevent it being opened by a user (user level control is an application function, not a database function). The entire database is encrypted using BlowFish encryption.  The phrase you use is the seed and salt for the Blowfish encryption key.  The encryption key isn't stored within the database, instead a hash of the phrase is stored to allow the engine to verify the provided password on load before it proceeds to attempt to load the data.  If the password was incorrect the data would fail to decrypt and the database would appear to be corrupted.

Lost Encryption Key

Unfortunately there is no way to recover a lost key as it isn't stored anywhere using reversible encryption.

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