VistaDB 5
Per Table Options

After select a table in the treeview there is a standard subfolder of options for the table. Please note that right clicking on many of these options will bring up further task specific options. For example right clicking on the columns folder will allow you to quickly add a new column.

Data - An active view of the current data contained in the table.

Columns - The columns folder max be expanded for a verbose look at the columns in the table, or the right hand pane will also show each column along with all the attributes for the column. (See below for an image)

Indexes - Information for each index is shown including the KeyExpression used to build the index. New indexes may be added from the button, or by right clicking the index folder. Additionally indexes may be modified or dropped from the database.

Constraints - Constraints are conditions that must be true in a given table. For example if a value must always be positive or negative, or if a date must be before todays date.

Foreign Keys - Detailed list of all foreign keys for the table.

Triggers - Triggers are a special function that are called based upon an action to a row in the table. You may specify on update, delete, or insert. Update triggers fire when a row is updated for any reason. Delete triggers happen before the row is deleted from the table. And insert triggers occur after the row has been inserted.

The main columns display includes all the attributes for each columns.

The main indexes display shows each index on the selected table, includes the expression used, and the details of the index type (FTS, Primary, Unique, etc).

Foreign key attributes are viewable by selecting the foreign keys folder.

Right clicking a key will allow you to drop or modify the key using the modify relationship dialog.

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