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Getting Started - What's New - Version 5.0.4
Version 5.0.4 is a minor update to VistaDB 5 with fixes to issues discovered since the release of 5.0.  For a complete description of what's new in VistaDB 5 see What's New - Version 5.0.

Defects Fixed In This Release


  • SQL Query Fix: Quoted table name or alias with a wildcard (such as [Table Name].* fails to parse correctly.
  • SQL Query Fix: IN operator against a sub-query can result in a NullReferenceException.
  • SQL Query Fix: REPLACE function returns NULL instead of original string when first string argument is shorter than second string.
  • SQL Query Fix: REPLACE function raises error instead of returning original string if second argument is empty.
  • SQL Query Fix: Cache optimized JOINs can produce incorrect results when OR is used in WHERE or ON clauses to combine conditions referencing different tables.
  • Transaction Fix: Disposing an ADO.NET transaction object can throw an exception complaining that the connection must be open.
  • Entity Framework Provider Fix: Adding new rows fails on tables with Identity keys under EF 6 in some cases.
  • Fixed: Under Mono it's possible to get a FileNotFoundException from VistaDB.Engine.Core.Indexing.SortSpool.EstimateMemory() when building an index.
  • Fixed: IndexOutOfRangeException from ActiveRows.NextValidRowId in rare cases.