VistaDB 5
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Getting Started - What's New - Version 5.1.4
Version 5.1.4 is a minor update to VistaDB 5 with fixes to issues discovered since the release of 5.1.  For a complete description of what's new in VistaDB 5 see What's New - Version 5.1.

Defects Fixed in This Release


  • Fixed: A race condition in new-page allocation could allow corruption when a database is modified by multiple connections at the same time.
  • Fixed: Tables with wide row schemas may fail inserts or transactional updates with underlying "Value cannot be null" exception.
  • Fixed: Queries filtered by a long IN list can return incorrectly-empty results in some cases.

Data Migration Wizard

  • Fixed: DataMigrationWizard ignores column names in migration script when matching against source database and matches only by order.
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