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Getting Started - What's New - Version 5.2.2
Version 5.2.2 is a minor update to VistaDB 5 with fixes to issues discovered since the release of 5.2.  For a complete description of what's new in VistaDB 5 see What's New - Version 5.2.

Defects Fixed in This Release


  • Fixed: VistaDB does not accept accented characters in names and aliases unless quoted with "" or [].
  • Fixed: LIKE against indexed non-Char-type columns can fail with a FormatException.
  • Fixed: EXISTS of a correlated sub-query can produce incorrect results.
  • Fixed: An ON clause condition not dependent on tables can fail with an IndexOutOfRangeException.
  • Fixed: CASE functions may not correctly escalate maxLength of their result.
  • Fixed: A SELECT as the last statement of a WHILE loop may not close its tables.
  • Fixed: Table-Valued function of a correlated argument in WHERE or ON clauses can produce incorrect results.

Entity Framework

  • Fixed: Entity Framework queries with GROUP BY may result in all-NULL values for grouped column(s).
  • Fixed: DateTime constants in Entity Framework generate SQL string values which fail to parse for CONVERT code produced.

Data Builder

  • Fixed: SQL script generation mishandles multi-column Foreign Keys.

Data Migration Wizard

  • Fixed: Wizard allows altering column types to VarChar(0)/NVarChar(0)/VarBinary(0) which then create broken columns.
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