VistaDB 5
Creating a full text search index
Prior to performing full text searches on a table a special index must be created for that table. Only one full text index may exist per table, but it may include more than one column.

VistaDB does not require a unique non null value in the table. We use the internal RowID value for this purpose.

VistaDB also stores the complete index within the database for ease of deployment.

CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX [indexname] ON tablename( column1[,columnN] )

OPTIONAL - This is any user assigned name for an index. The index will appear in the Data Builder as an index. If not provided a default name of _FTSIndex is used.

The table must already exist in the database before the index is created.


The name of the column(s) to add to the index. This columns must be one of the following types:

  • char
  • nchar
  • varchar
  • nvarchar
  • text


Only textual data columns may be included in the full text index.
It would not make sense to have an integer column included in a full text index because there is no text data to be searched.


CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX indexname ON targettable (col1,col5[,coln])
CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX ON testtable(textcolumn)
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