VistaDB 5
Load exception Data extended information

All VistaDB Exceptions derive from DbException. This exception contains a dictionary property named Data which are Key/Value pairs of extended information about the error. These are not set in all exceptions, but can be very useful in some situations.

Walk the KeyValue data in an exception

Catch Errors
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catch( VistaDBException vex )
    if (vex.ErrorId == VistaDB.Diagnostic.Errors.dda_StringExceedMaximum)
        foreach ( DictionaryEntry de in currentException.Data)

For the error code dda_StringExceedMaximum the following Keys are set to give extended information about the error:

Column - The name of the column that data was attempting to be assigned
Value - The value that was being assigned to the column
SqlRow - The row of the SQL Statement that the error occurred. Note this is relative to the start of the current batch or function. It does not include headers or comment lines.