VistaDB 5
# Column Name Column Data Type Description
0 VIEW_NAME NVarchar View name as assigned at creation time
1 COLUMN_NAME NVarchar Column name
2 BASE_COLUMN_NAME NVarchar Column name defined in select command
3 COLUMN_ORDINAL Int32 Column ordinal
4 DATA_TYPE Byte Data type of the column. To get VistaDBType object use casting: (VistaDBType)DATA_TYPE
5 DATA_TYPE_NAME NVarchar Data type name
6 IS_EXTENDED_TYPE Boolean True - is column has extended data type
7 COLUMN_SIZE Int32 Column size. Applicable only for character columns.
8 CODE_PAGE Int32 Code page. Applicable only for character columns.
9 ENCRYPTED Boolean True - if column is encrypted
10 COLUMN_CAPTION NVarchar Column caption
11 COLUMN_DESCRIPTION NVarchar Column description
12 IS_UNIQUE Boolean True - if column is unique
13 IS_KEY Boolean True - if column is primary key
14 ALLOW_NULL Boolean True - if column allow nulls
15 IDENTITY_VALUE NVarchar Current identity value for column (right now always null)
16 IDENTITY_STEP NVarchar Identity step. If this value is NULL - column doesn't have an identity value
17 IDENTITY_SEED NVarchar Identity seed
18 DEFAULT_VALUE NVarchar Column default value
19 USE_DEFVAL_IN_UPDATE Boolean True - if default value used in updates

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