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Data Migration Wizard - Command Line

Running Data Migration Wizard in Silent Mode

.vdbm5 is the extension for the data migration script files

Migration Northwind from Access with using DMW script

This all must be on ONE line from the command prompt to execute. Note the " marks as they are important.

    DataMigrationWizard.exe -connstr "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\VistaDBTests\Data\Northwind.mdb" -destination
    C:\VistaDBTests\northwindconversion.vdb4 -silent -console -type 2 -script C:\VistaDBTests\Northwind.mdb.vdm4

Note: You do not have to quote the path if it contains no spaces.

If you want to hide the migration status in the console window, remove -console parameter.


[[-source string] [-sourcepwd string] | [-constr string]]
[-type number] [-destination string] [-destpwd string] [-unicode] [-overrite]
[-oleheaders] [-codepage number] [-script string] [-silent] [-console]


-source <"string"> Source database file name
-sourcepwd <"string"> Password for source database
-constr <"string"> Sets connection string to the source database (Only for migration from Access)
-type <number> Sets the type of source database

1 - Sql Server
2 - Access
3 - Sql Server Ce 3.5

-destination <"string"> Sets destination database file name
-destpwd <"string"> Sets destination database password
-unicode Treats character data as unicode characters
-overrite Overrites destination database if already present
-oleheaders Removes ole headers from bitmaps
-codepage <number> Sets codepage for characters
-script <"string"> Sets path to the migration script file which will be used in migration.
-silent DMW will works in the silent mode
-console Show process of migration to the console

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