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VistaDB.Entity Namespace > VistaDBConnectionFactory Class : BaseConnectionString Property
BaseConnectionString Property
The connection string to use for options to the database other than the 'Data Source'. The 'Data Source' will be appended to this string based on the database file name when CreateConnection is called. The default is 'Min Pool Size=1;Max Pool Size=50;Pooling=true;Open Mode=NonexclusiveReadWrite;'.
Public ReadOnly Property BaseConnectionString As System.String
Dim instance As VistaDBConnectionFactory
Dim value As System.String
value = instance.BaseConnectionString
public System.string BaseConnectionString {get;}
public read-only property BaseConnectionString: System.String; 
public function get BaseConnectionString : System.String
public: __property System.string* get_BaseConnectionString();
property System.String^ BaseConnectionString {
   System.String^ get();

Target Platforms: Windows 7, Windows Vista SP1 or later, Windows XP SP3, Windows Server 2008 (Server Core not supported), Windows Server 2008 R2 (Server Core supported with SP1 or later), Windows Server 2003 SP2

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