VistaDB 5

VistaDB.DDA Namespace : IVistaDBColumnAttributes Interface
IVistaDBColumnAttributes Interface Properties

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Public Properties
 PropertyColumn value can have null value (defaults to true) (Inherited from VistaDB.DDA.IVistaDBColumn)
 PropertyCaption. This has been marked as obsolete and will be removed from a future build. This feature is not SQL Server compatible.  
 PropertyCode page to encode character column type in file storage. Non character type always has this value set to 0  
 PropertyColumn's description. The description length is limited depending upon the current pagesize. SQL Server does not have a direct mapping for this property, but you can store description as extended data in SQL Server.  
 PropertyIn older VistaDB formats, indicates whether each column is specifically encrypted on disk (defaults to true if the database is encrypted, otherwise to false). As of VistaDB 5, encryption (when enabled) is applied to all database data pages regardless of this property.  
 PropertyFlag to represent that this column is an extended data type (it is stored separately from the rowdata of non-ExtendedType columns).  
 PropertyFlag to indicate a fixed data size is used to represent this column.  
 PropertyHelper property to check if value is assigned with null (Inherited from VistaDB.IVistaDBValue)
 PropertyFlag meaning this column is a System column and may not be dropped or manipulated.  
 PropertyMaximum number of chars or bytes allocated in database. (But, for an ExtendedType, this value instead represents the maximum number of database pages of extended data it may contain. Multiply by the page size for the actual byte length limit in that case.) (Inherited from VistaDB.DDA.IVistaDBColumn)
 PropertyMaximum column value for respective VistaDBType (Inherited from VistaDB.DDA.IVistaDBColumn)
 PropertyMinimum column value for respective VistaDBType (Inherited from VistaDB.DDA.IVistaDBColumn)
 PropertyThe flag is set to modified column status when a value assigned to the column (Inherited from VistaDB.DDA.IVistaDBColumn)
 PropertyColumn's description  
 PropertyFlag to represent if the column should be packed using LZH compression when written to disk. (False by default)  
 PropertyColumn value cannot be changed in update operations (defaults to false) (Inherited from VistaDB.DDA.IVistaDBColumn)
 PropertyRead only zero based index for this column in the current row  
 PropertyNative system type corresponding to the VistaDBType (Inherited from VistaDB.IVistaDBValue)
 PropertyVistaDB specified data type (Inherited from VistaDB.IVistaDBValue)
 PropertyUnique identifier for column that doesn't depend on name or other attributes. (Primarily for internal use. Only comparison for equality is meaningful. See remarks in documentation.)  
 PropertyA value corresponding to VistaDB type implicitly converted to the object type (Inherited from VistaDB.IVistaDBValue)
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