VistaDB 5

VistaDB.DDA Namespace : IVistaDBIndexInformation Interface
IVistaDBIndexInformation Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by IVistaDBIndexInformation.

Public Properties
 PropertyThe user's description of the database object (Inherited from VistaDB.DDA.IVistaDBDatabaseObject)
 PropertyIs this index built to support Foreign Key support? The index is internal to the engine and cannot be dropped explicitly.  
 PropertyThe index is generated by engine to support full text search.  
 PropertyKey expression  
 PropertyGet array of table row columns indexes participating in the index key. It is ordered according to list of columns in Filter Expression  
 PropertyIndex's name  
 PropertyThe index is primary  
 PropertyThe index is temporary. It is not added to database storage and kept separately in user temporary directory.  
 PropertyAre key values unique values enforced by the unique constraint? This index being standard sets unique constraint for table insert/update operations  
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