VistaDB 5

VistaDB.DDA Namespace : IVistaDBTableSchema Interface
IVistaDBTableSchema Interface Methods

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Public Methods
 MethodOverloaded. Append new non-character type column  
 MethodAlter the name of a column  
 MethodDefines the new zero based column order for the column by its name in existing table schema. The other columns will be re-ordered in the table schema respectively.  
 MethodOverloaded. Alter the type of existing column  
 MethodOverloaded. Define column's attributes.  
 MethodSet constraint to check after insert, update or before delete operations.  
 MethodAssign default value to the column.  
 MethodAssign the identity to the column.  
 MethodDefine new index entry in table schema or update the existing one  
 Method (Inherited from System.IDisposable)
 MethodDrop the column by its name  
 MethodDrop an existing constraint.  
 MethodDrop the default value assigned to the column  
 MethodDrop existing identity  
 MethodDrop existing index from the table schema.  
 Method (Inherited from System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<IVistaDBColumnAttributes>)
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