VistaDB 5

VistaDB.DDA Namespace : IVistaDBTable Interface
IVistaDBTable Interface Properties

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Public Properties
 PropertyName of active index that pivots current row order  
 PropertyThe unique key that points out current row when Key is read or set respective row to be current when Key is wrote  
 PropertyRow structure containing current table row columns While reading creates new current row copy. When writing, caches data in the table until Post is issued.  
 PropertyTests if a record movement function has placed the row pointer beyond the last row in the table.  
 PropertyGets or sets a value indicating whether constraint rules are followed when attempting any insert, update or delete operation  
 PropertyGets or sets a value indicating whether identities are active when attempting any insert operation  
 PropertyGet or set the manual setting for IDENTITY_INSERT ON (true) or OFF (false) for this table. This is independent from the one-table-at-a-time setting for a SQL connection but provides the same basic functionality to allow explicit value insertion for identity columns.  
 PropertyGet the value indicating whether the table is closed  
 PropertyRead the memory-cached value of last insert operation made to the identity columns by this table instance  
 PropertyRead the last value of identity columns that will be used by any client in nearest insert operation. This value is saved in the file storage.  
 PropertyTable name  
 PropertyGet collection of regular indexes created and/or opened in this table instance  
 PropertyNumber of physical rows in the table  
 PropertyScans active index and calculates the keys in it, taking current scope operators into account. (WARNING: CAUSES SIDE-EFFECTS: The current row position of the parent table becomes undefined/EOF)  
 PropertyTests if a a record movement function has placed the row pointer before the first row in the table  
 PropertyGet collection of temporary indexes created and assigned to this table instance  
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