VistaDB 5
Inheritance Hierarchy
VistaDB.DDA Namespace
ClassCore VistaDB engine class. Manages DDA connections.
InterfaceThe list of assemblies registered in database
InterfaceThe information about assembly registered in database
InterfaceThe Collection of Clr Procedures
InterfaceMeta-information about CLR Proc
InterfaceThe list of Clr Triggers loaded in current database
InterfaceCLR Trigger description
InterfaceRepresents a column-based data value or a column placeholder in an IVistaDBRow.
InterfaceRepresents the attributes on a particular column such as in an IVistaDBTableSchema. (Also includes members from IVistaDBColumn and IVistaDBValue.)
InterfaceHelper interface to investigate difference between column attributes in details.
InterfaceConnection settings supported by local and DDA connections.
InterfaceCollection of constraints
InterfaceScript expression constraint
InterfaceThe VistaDB Database including common database settings and operations
InterfaceGeneral information about database object
InterfaceDDA connection
InterfaceThe user's defined event handler to raise by event
InterfaceThe collection of column default value information
InterfaceDefault value expression assigned to a column
InterfaceCollection of identities
InterfaceIdentity assigned to the column
InterfaceList of table's indexes
InterfaceSet of index flags and attributes
InterfaceMeta information about column participating an index key
InterfaceIVistaDBKeyedCollection is an interface for objects lists returned by the engine for things like Relationships, tables, etc. The interface allows the user to read from the list, but not modify it. The collections themselves were always intended to be readonly.
InterfaceInformation messages passed by the engine during time consuming operations like pack and repair.
InterfaceThe user-defined data channel to accept data issued by CLR Proc or CLR Trigger working with DDA
InterfaceCollection of relationships.
InterfaceThe Relationship entry from an IVistaDBRelationshipCollection. This entry contains the actual values for the relationship.
InterfaceInterface to a VistaDBRow object
InterfaceDDA table public interface. Inherits IVistaDBQueryResult interface and extends it's functionality
InterfaceList of Tables in the current connection as a strongly typed list. This is faster for use in Foreach loops than the ArrayList version.
InterfaceTable schema for usage in creation or altering of an IVistaDBTable.
DelegateDelegate method called by DDA during an event modification on tables
DelegateDelegate method to pass progress status and other information by DDA in time consuming operations
EnumerationThe event type being raised from the DDA Engine during a table operation
EnumerationStatus type for operation callbacks
EnumerationThe referential integrity mode types
EnumerationXML read mode
EnumerationXML write mode
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