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Scalable to SQL Server or SQL Express

VistaDB was designed specifically to be highly compatible with SQL Server's Transact-SQL (T-SQL) syntax. This allows you to scale up or interchange your VistaDB databases with SQL Server and SQL Express should you need to scale the database features. The compatibility of VistaDB's SQL syntax and .NET Data Provider components make it easy to move from VistaDB to SQL Server (2005 or higher).

Sometimes you need a Server

There are times when you need a Server environment. Number of users, transactions, customer choice, whatever. In order to help users be ready to move from one database to another we try very hard to ensure that your data and code can move as easily as possible between VistaDB and Microsoft SQL Server.

Moving from Microsoft Access to SQL Server can require almost a complete rewrite of your code. The data types are quite different, the syntax of the commands are different, and the objects you use to access the database are different. VistaDB uses the exact same provider model as Microsoft SqlClient. All of our syntax and data types are supported if you need to move your application.

Improved CLR Proc Support

VistaDB now includes the ability to build CLR Procs without referencing the VistaDB namespace. In practice is takes a small amount of time to ensure your CLR Procs can run with System types, but the ability to then run your proc in both SQL Server and VistaDB is well worth the time spent.

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