VistaDB 5
Third Party Tools that require VistaDB design licenses

Even if you are creating a product that isn't eligible to redistribute VistaDB we're here to support you.  If you're creating a product such as an ORM that will require your customers to have their own licenses to VistaDB all you need to do is be sure not to redistribute any VistaDB binaries. 

We do offer ways to embed our runtime to give your users access to our product, but this is outside the scope of a normal developer license. Contact us if this is what you need.

Example Scenarios

ORM Tools - If you develop a tool for generating a DAL layer for VistaDB you cannot distribute the VistaDB runtime with your application. That would give all your users free access to our engine. You would not want to set this in your DAL RUNTIME though, or no applications built against your DAL would work except on a developer machine. Only your design time components need this flag set. Otherwise put nothing in your runtime and require each user to get their own VistaDB license.

Database Wizards - Tools that load data from multiple providers, but don't want to license each of them can use the design time attribute to ensures that any user wishing to use the VistaDB features will have to acquire their own developer license. This allows for third party tools to incorporate VistaDB into their product without needing to redistribute it or license it for Embedded Assembly Licenses. Each user wishing to use that functionality will have to put a developer license on their machine.

Reporting Tools - Tools that load from Provider factories to do data reporting often do not care about the underlying database. But they also don't want to have to distribute each database with their tool.

Third party tools like this should require that each person using the VistaDB engine acquire their own VistaDB License for their use.

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