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Third party support

Chances Are, It Works Already

Since VistaDB is a full ADO.NET provider it's automatically supported by many reporting systems, ORM's, and other data access tools.  Developers are reporting success every day using a range of open source and commercial toolkits for all kinds of purposes that just work with VistaDB through ADO.NET. 

But Some Products Go the Extra Mile

The following vendors do extra work to ensure their products are optimized for VistaDB (in Alphabetical order)

DexExpress XPO by Dev Express

eXpress Persistent Objects represents a powerful bridge between the object world and the world of relational databases. It gives developers the freedom to build true business objects without having to deal with the tedious complexities of mapping them onto database tables. eXpress Persistent Objects for .NET completely abstracts the database layer from the developer, leaving him or her fully in the object-oriented realm. With XPO, you can build applications that are compatible with multiple database systems (currently we support MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSql, Firebird, PervasiveSQL, VistaDB, SQL Anywhere, Advantage, DB2 and Sybase) without making ANY changes to your code.

Mindscape Lightspeed ORM by Mindscape

LightSpeed is a high performance .NET domain modeling and ORM framework for Visual Studio developers. First class LINQ support, Visual Studio 2008 designer integration and our famous high performance core framework means you can create rich domain-driven models more quickly and easily than ever before.

Telerik OpenAccess ORM by Telerik

Telerik OpenAccess is an Enterprise-grade .Net ORM that does the data access plumbing in desktop and web applications. Supporting both forward (model-first) and reverse (schema-first) mapping, the tool offers transparent persistence for your DAL and business objects. OpenAccess ORM provides tight Visual Studio integration and allows you to seamlessly create database independent code. Take full control of the generated code by customizing the tool and leveraging its advanced features for code optimization and caching.

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