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Public Methods
Public MethodOverloaded. Starts a database transaction on the current connection. Because BeginTransaction creates a new transaction and associates it with the current connection that created it, you can simplify your code by using this method rather than allocating a new transaction and then assigning it manually. Class VistaDBConnection  
Public MethodOverridden. This method is not supported and should not be called.  
Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)Empties all of the connection pools associated with the current connection.  
Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)Empties a single connection pool associated with the specified connection. This may be useful if you are wanting to release a single connection string but keep other connections active in your application.  
Public MethodOverridden. Closes the connection to the database. It is considered a best practice to close the database connection as soon as you are finished with it. Putting the VistaDBConnection within a using() statement is the easiest way to ensure it is actively cleaned up fast. Do NOT place this call in an object destructor or Finalize call. That will lead to non-deterministic release of object handles and potential connection leaks. Class VistaDBConnection  
Public MethodCreates and returns a new VistaDBCommand object associated with the current connection.  
Public Method (Inherited from System.MarshalByRefObject)
Public MethodOverloaded. Overridden. Dispose the object and release all resources. A best practice for performing this automatically is to put all your VistaDBConnection objects within Using() statements to ensure they are cleaned up in a timely manner.  
Public Method (Inherited from System.Data.Common.DbConnection)
Public Method (Inherited from System.MarshalByRefObject)
Public MethodOverloaded. Overridden. Returns schema information for the data source of this VistaDBConnection. See the MSDN Topic "Understanding the Common Schema Collections" for in depth information about Schema collections. Class VistaDBConnection  
Public MethodGets the schema for a given table from the current open connection.  
Public Method (Inherited from System.MarshalByRefObject)
Public MethodCheck SQL command of the constraint to validate it is correct.  
Public MethodCheck SQL command correctness. This does not actually execute the command or validate the structures on disk. It only parses the command and attempts to verify that the parser can split the tokens or not.  
Public MethodCheck SQL command correctness of CREATE VIEW statement  
Public MethodOverridden. Opens a database connection with the settings specified by the ConnectionString.  
Public MethodOverloaded.  (Inherited from System.Data.Common.DbConnection)
Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)Overloaded. Pack database to compress free space in the database and reorganize the internal layout of the database on disk.  
Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)Overloaded. Attempt to repair a physically or logically corrupted database file.  
Public Method(BETA ONLY) Change the current optimization setting of this (open) VistaDBConnection. This setting can also be changed by executing the "SET OPTIMIZATION {0}" SQL command with the desired option.  
Public Method (Inherited from System.ComponentModel.Component)
Protected Methods
Protected MethodOverridden. Starts a database transaction.  
Protected MethodOverridden. Create a new DbCommand object from the current VistaDBConnection.  
Protected Method (Inherited from System.ComponentModel.Component)
Protected Method (Inherited from System.ComponentModel.Component)
Protected MethodOverloaded.  (Inherited from System.MarshalByRefObject)
Protected Method (Inherited from System.Data.Common.DbConnection)
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