Loupe 3.5 Released

by Kendall Miller | Apr 08, 2013
Loupe 3.5 is a significant upgrade including an entirely new Web UI with extensive error management capabilities and a new look for Loupe Desktop along with developer productivity enhancements.

All of us at Gibraltar Software are exceedingly delighted to announce the release of Loupe 3.5 which represents a major leap in our quest to help developers write rock-solid software.

Loupe is the Next Generation of Gibraltar

Loupe 3.5 replaces Gibraltar 3.0 and extends the fantastic depth of developer-focused information Gibraltar provided with a powerful new web UI that gives developers even more insight while also addressing the needs of the rest of the DevOps team. The Loupe Server web UI complements the Loupe Desktop client so that each member of your team gets the information they need to quickly and efficiently understand and resolve bugs and bottlenecks in your .NET applications.

Our web site includes a brief overview of Loupe’s team-centric capabilities as well as a detailed explanation of how Loupe works.  And if you have 3 minutes, we also have a brand new video that provides a glimpse into the built-in issue management Loupe provides.

Our Best Log Viewer - Now Free

Loupe Desktop is now free - allowing any developer to instrument their application with Loupe and extensively analyze that information at no cost.  Along with making Loupe Desktop free, we've extensively improved it including new local real-time log viewing capabilities, a new Office-201x inspired UI with improved discoverability of advanced features, and other advanced features to make your life better!

Try It!

Why not try it for yourself?  Loupe Desktop is 100% free.  Loupe Server is a free upgrade to all Gibraltar Hub customers and is available as a free trial to all.  Get started with Loupe 3.5 today!