Loupe: The Best Analysis Tool for NLog

Say Goodbye to Analyzing Logs One At A Time In Notepad

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NLog is a popular free logging framework for .NET that makes it easy to produce high-quality application logs. But analyzing those logs in text editors like Notepad is tedious at best. At worst, the logs are too big to load or are hopelessly lost somewhere on a customer's computer unavailable to you.

Loupe integrates with NLog making it easy to collect, manage and analyze log data. Loupe is an end-to-end solution that gets logs from end-users to each member of the development team. And it provides tools to see patterns across thousands of logs or drill into the details of a single session to pinpoint the root cause of a problem.

End-to-End Log Management

  • Loupe ensures that log files will never fill up the disk where you applications run
  • Logs can be transmitted on demand or automatically via SMTP or the Loupe Server
  • Logs are indexed for fast analysis allowing your to see patterns across thousands of logs

Log Viewing and Analysis

  • Quickly find crucial information with excellent filter, highlight and grouping capabilities
  • Cross reference log entries with graphs of system performance or custom metrics
  • Know which class and method issued each log entry even when multiple classes share a single NLog logger
  • See source code associated with log messages

Easy to Integrate and Deploy

  • The Loupe Agent is a single DLL which can be freely deployed with your application.
  • It stores its log data in a compact format and automatically manages the space used by purging the oldest sessions as they exceed a configurable age threshold or exceed a total disk space threshold.
  • It includes a live log viewer, exception manager, ASP.NET agent and data transport system - all free.
  • Use NuGet or the Loupe Configuration Wizard to automatically add the Loupe Agent to your Application

How it works

NLog is an extensible framework that allows log messages to be filtered and routed to various targets. We provide a GibraltarTarget that receives NLog messages and logs them along with all the other data Loupe collects (errors, configuration data, performance counters, system events, custom metrics). Loupe is added to your NLog configuration just like any other NLog target.

All you have to do is download Loupe Desktop which includes everything you need to connect the Loupe Agent to NLog.

Download Loupe Desktop

If you have any questions about Loupe or using our NLog adapter, please contact us.

Go Deeper

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The best way to understand the difference Loupe makes is to integrate it with your application and use it - all of the tools you need are free to use forever as part of Loupe Desktop!