VistaDB Comparisons

Developers use various database solutions within their .Net applications, including Microsoft Jet/Access, SQL Server, SQL Server Compact Edition (SQL CE), and Sqlite.

VistaDB has been specifically engineered to be an easy-to-deploy embedded database with a high degree of SQL Server compatibility. Why accept an unmanaged code data solution into your application lifecycle? VistaDB's unique single assembly support for Windows 64 bit is vital to your application succeeding on modern operating systems. You cannot build a single exe that supports both 32 and 64 bit and still reference these older unmanaged data engines. Unmanaged code can only be targeted to a single architecture.

Compare VistaDB to other Databases

We are confident VistaDB is a great database for desktop and web .Net developers everywhere, but the following comparison pages might help you to see some of the decision points around why to use one database vendor instead of another for a specific project. Obviously a project that needs thousands of concurrent users needs a server to perform well. As with most things in programming, it comes down to applying the right technology for the right task.