VistaDB Datatypes compared to SQL Server

VistaDB SQL Server 2005 SQL Server 2008 SQL CE 3.5 VistaDB 3 .NET System
BigInt BigInt BigInt BigInt BigInt Int64
Bit Bit Bit Bit Bit Byte
Char Char Char - Char String
DateTime DateTime DateTime DateTime DateTime DateTime
Decimal* Decimal Decimal Decimal* Decimal* Decimal*
Float Float Float Float Float Double
Identity Fields Identity Fields Identity Fields Identity Fields Identity Fields -
Image Image Image - Image Byte[]
Int Int Int Int Int Int32
Money Money Money Money Money Decimal
NChar NChar NChar NChar NChar String
NText NText NText NText (500Mb) NText String
NVarchar NVarchar NVarchar NVarchar NVarchar String
Real Real Real Real Real String
SmallDateTime SmallDateTime SmallDateTime - SmallDateTime Int16
SmallInt SmallInt SmallInt SmallInt SmallInt Int16
SmallMoney SmallMoney SmallMoney - SmallMoney Decimal
Text Text Text - Text String
Timestamp Timestamp Timestamp Timestamp Timestamp Int64
TinyInt TinyInt TinyInt TinyInt TinyInt Byte
UniqueIdentifier UniqueIdentifier UniqueIdentifier UniqueIdentifier UniqueIdentifier Guid
VarBinary VarBinary VarBinary VarBinary(4000) VarBinary Byte[]
VarChar VarChar VarChar - VarChar String
- XML XML - - -
- - RowVersion RowVersion - -
DateTime2 - DateTime2   - DateTime2
Date - Date   - DateTime
Time - Time   - DateTime
DateTimeOffset - DateTimeOffset   - DateTimeOffset
Timespan - Timespan   - Timespan
- - Geography - - (class)
- - Geometry - - (class)

Minor Differences between .NET and SQL Server Data Types

VistaDB maps SQL types to their nearest equivalent .NET type and uses the .NET type for storage and internal operations. In some cases this means VistaDB has higher resolution or slightly different resolution than the SQL equivalent. For example, .NET decimals do not cover the same range as SqlDecimal because the Decimal type has no concept of precision.