About Us

Gibraltar Software is a collaborative team of professionals based in the US and Europe who have been developing high-end business and scientific software for the Microsoft platform since 2000.

We know what it’s like building custom software. You don’t always have the time you’d like to create a robust infrastructure to support your products after launch. We’ve been there. Delivering high-quality, maintainable software on aggressive schedules is not easy work.

Ryan Kelliher, Principal Engineer 

We want to make a positive impact on the world and Gibraltar is a business developed with that goal in mind. Our goal is to deliver products that help our customers' projects run more smoothly so their users keep on smiling.

Kendall Miller, CEO of Gibraltar Software

Our AimOur aim

We aim to provide products that offer you a lifetime of value, and we are committed to offering solutions that continue to grow with your needs.

By investing in our products and enhancing them over time we will provide you with ongoing value that will help you to routinely elevate the quality of software that you create.

We will clear the path so that you can focus on creating quality software that delivers.

Trust Gibraltar. Build on rock solid foundations.

Our promise

We promise to deliver solutions that leave you in no doubt that your purchase from Gibraltar was money well spent.

We want you to be delighted: delighted by the quality of the software you've bought, delighted by what the software can help you to do, delighted by a promising roadmap for the software you own.

If you're not completely satisfied with your Gibraltar product then we won't keep your money. We're serious.

Our 45-day money-back guarantee is 100% quibble-free.

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