Our VIPs: The Rocks of Gibraltar

Rock solid software doesn’t just happen. It requires diligence, commitment and a desire to encourage others to aim for the same excellence and quality.

At Gibraltar we are passionate about sharing our knowledge of creating and maintaining rock solid software. If you’re a like-minded purveyor of quality we would like to connect with you and learn how we can do better.

Gibraltar VIPsOur relationship with the developer community is very important to us. No one enjoys going it alone, us included.

We believe that collaboration is an important part of delivering great quality products. By learning from the wider community, and listening and understanding the needs of those who use our products, we can learn from the experience of our peers and develop both as an organization and as individuals.

To that end we created the Rocks of Gibraltar as a way of demonstrating our gratitude and respect for those friends and peers in the industry who support our efforts by sharing their wisdom and knowledge with us.

Join our Rocks of Gibraltar

Our Rocks of Gibraltar are experts in their fields. They are community-focused advocates who seek to educate and assist. They are influencers who are committed to sharing their knowledge and experience with others in order to advance our profession.

As one of our Rocks of Gibraltar, program members get a unique level of access to our development leads and their team. We count on them for their constructive feedback.

In addition to NFR licenses to the products most interesting to them, our Rocks of Gibraltar are kept updated with the latest Gibraltar news and also gain early access to pre-beta builds of our software.

We hope that the transparent relationship that we have with our program members will help them to gain a deep insight into our products and the problems that they solve. Our hope is that they recommend Gibraltar products to others in the community when they recognise problems that Gibraltar tools might address.

The rocking checklist

Would you like to join the Rocks of Gibraltar? Consider these questions:

  • Do you consider yourself a guru in your area of expertise?
  • Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge with others?
  • Do you share our passion for Gibraltar products and rock solid software?

If this sounds like you, we'd like to hear from you. Tell us about yourself and why you'd like to be a Rock of Gibraltar using the form below.

Tell us which Gibraltar products you are a fan of:

Tell us a little about your experience, your background in the industry and why you are a supporter of Gibraltar products.