I'm ecstatic... I downloaded the trial version and in about 10 minutes built the report in VisualStudio that I have been trying to get for months from the developer of [product].
T Klancar
Thanks for making my life a whole lot simpler (as far as programming goes)...
J Link
After two weeks of fighting MS SQl CE, Firebird, and SQLite. I found your product. I had it running in 20 minutes and can switch between SQl and a single file VistaDb file. I was amazed that everything just worked and worked well.
DP Technology Corp
I've been managing distributed Client/Server applications for many years now and have experienced all the pitfalls of the different database engines available... I decided to go with VistaDB this time and we've not received a single issue with database connectivity!
Mike Allen
CTO, Fed Reporter, Inc.
After having spent over 150 hours last year on SQL Server Express setup issues with my customers I decided enough was enough. Since switching to VistaDB I have experienced exactly ONE customer deployment issue (and they were just out of disk space!). Thanks for taking those problems away.
John Opera
We have been developing with VistaDB with great success. It is a brilliant product in all respects – cost, deployment size, performance and reliability.
Ben van der Merwe
Architect, Astrata Group
You guys did a great job and made a state of the art piece of software.
Peter J. Faase
Monicom Software
Awesome work be the most impressive zero-administration embedded database I've ever seen! Thanks!
Robert Vincent
Sr. Developer, K Software
All I can say is WOW! Your product has come a long way.
Maria Sauceda
I think you guys did a really great job developing VistaDB. Of all the engines on the market, including Advantage DS, MS SQL CE and so on, VistaDB is outstanding.
Leo Somers
Aura Software
I've used VistaDB in some of my applications earlier, and I must say it works like a charm with its incredibly small footprint, instant cold-connect and warm-connect.
Brajesh Sachan
Reverberations Blog
Congratulations to the team on a great product. I've been using VistaDB for a week now and I love its zero configuration capability.
Marco Cunha
Author of CodeWiz
It's so easy to work with VistaDB and I can do a lot more without coding as much. I am totally sold on VistaDB and will start doing all my systems in this from now on.
Sunil Prasad
I must say your product is superb!!! We just love it.
Trond Nahlin
ConnectIT AS
VistaDB is amazing. I have no idea how you've packed all these features into sucha small package!
Mitchell Vincent
kBilling - Invoices Made Easy!
My application v1.0 that used access was almost 50 MB due to deploying mdac files for the host machine to utilize my app, but now my app is not even 10 MB. Since my app is deployed from the web, this is a very big deal to me. Thank you for a great product.
Ben Gehring
VistaDB is the database for the future. Many more new features, much simplicity and better performance over SQL CE.
Frank Macall
VistaDB is a great product! In the past, I’ve embedded MSDE in my applications and although it worked fine, my 100MB download was 90% MSDE. I only wish I’d found VistaDB earlier
Lloyd Johnson
I am very excited about using VistaDB. I successfully converted my database from SQL Server to VistaDB on the first try. This is refreshing for new software. Overall, VistaDB looks really good.
Greg Larden