VistaDB with Entity Framework

VistaDB is an ADO.NET provider and ships with the necessary extensions unique to Entity Framework to enable Entity Framework to work directly with it.  Entity Framework can automatically generate data access code compatible with VistaDB as well as many other databases.  Because Entity Framework was designed to be very independent of the underlying database technology it's possible to develop an application with Entity Framework and use multiple different database technologies behind the scenes, all transparent to the application.

There are a few key points to know about using EF with VistaDB:

  1. Only Database-First is Supported:  VistaDB doesn't currently support either Model First or Code First development approaches with Entity Framework.
  2. Provider Registration Required:  Microsoft ships the necessary provider for SQL Server to work with EF with the .NET framework but the VistaDB provider will have to be distributed with your application and registered before it can be used. 

See Also

Additional details on using VistaDB with Entity Framework are provided in our product documentation: