VistaDB with Typed Datasets

VistaDB is an ADO.NET provider that provides compatibility with ADO.NET Typed Datasets. In addition, VistaDB integrates with Visual Studio 2010 and later to support the Dataset Designer just like Microsoft SQL Server. This means you can use the same UI within Visual Studio to create new and update datasets. You can also share datasets between VistaDB and SQL Server since they have the same data type mappings. This makes it easy to have clients using both VistaDB and SQL Server.

   If you are creating a new application using .NET 4.0 or later you should review Entity Framework to see if it's a better long term option, but since both technologies can coexist in the same application if you're comfortable with Datasets you can confidently continue to use them

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Additional details on using VistaDB with Typed Datasets are provided in our product documentation: