Data Migration Wizard

Data Migration Wizard

The VistaDB Data Migration Wizard makes it very easy to migrate existing databases from SQL Server, Microsoft Access and SQL CE. Full migration of Microsoft's famous Northwind database takes under a minute. There is a tutorial for migration of the NorthwindEF Database to VistaDB.

Command Line Scriptable

The DMW is fully scriptable from the command line. You can also redistribute it with your application to include powerful conversion of existing user databases to VistaDB automatically.


  • Easy-to-use wizard format for quick and easy migration
  • Change database settings before migration
  • Edit column and table names before migrating
  • View the database data and structure before migrating
  • Select tables and columns to migrate
  • Ability to migrate database schema only without data
  • Supports migrating data from:
    • Microsoft Access (MDB and ACCDB if Access runtime installed)
    • SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 - SQLClient connection to server
    • SQL Server Compact Edition (SQL CE) 3.5 (SDF file)

Intent of Migration

The Data Migration Wizard is meant to migrate data, schema, views, and most indexes (not Full Text or Clustered indexes). If any tables contain user defined types they will be unable to migrate.

Multiple migrations of the same database will not work. You cannot use the DMW as a sync tool for data from one database to another, that is not it's intended purpose. Each migration must create a new database, there is no way to only accept changes since the last time the database was built.

Check your Views

Views that do not conform to our query parser will also not migrate. The Data Migration Wizard has a simple test for SQL that it performs, but it is not conclusive if the query will work or not until after migration. After a migration packing your database will deep inspect all the views and remove any that do not work against the actual schema in the database.

Stored Procedures / Functions not migrated

The DMW does not attempt to migrate Stored Procedures or User Defined Functions. In general most stored procedures will require additional programming work in order to work with VistaDB. All of our syntax works on SQL Server, but not all theirs works with us (we are a subset). Things like querying the sys tables, modifying things through system procedures, etc are not supported in VistaDB.

See the help topic in the manual entitled Stored Procedures for additional guidelines on migrating your stored procs to VistaDB.