VistaDB Technical Information

For additional details and lots of examples of using VistaDB, check out our tutorials.

Embedded database
Embedded database engines are used in almost every desktop app today.

Serverless database
What does it mean to be a serverless database engine?

Zero Configuration
Zero config means you don't need to install anything to run your application

Database Specifications
Information about VistaDB engine features, TSQL data types, database engine limits

Datatypes Supported
Datatypes supported by VistaDB

SQL Support
List of SQL syntax supported. See the actual help file for samples and lists of differences between VistaDB and SQL Server.

VDB4 Engine
Information about the VistaDB Engine features and edition limits based upon the various editions.

Pagesize Limits
Information the limits pagesize imposes on the database engine. The pagesize can impact max columns, indexes and more.

Managed Code
Why is it important to write 100% managed code? Covers topics like why Medium Trust is important for components also.

Windows 64 bit support
Can your database run 32 and 64 bit from a single assembly? VistaDB can!

Online Help File
This is the HTML output from our help file. The help contains an index and is searchable through the website.