Loupe Desktop

Logging & Metrics

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Free logging framework and viewer with out-of-the-box goodness for ASP.NET, MVC, Web API, Entity Framework, WinForms, NLog, log4net, PostSharp and more!

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Loupe Server

Error Management

Centralized log management with analytics, notifications, workflows and integrations. Offered both as licensed software or subscription service.

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Embedded Database Engine

If you love programming against SQL Server but hate the deployment and administration hassles, VistaDB 5.0 is the obvious choice: small, fast, easy!

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We're committed that all your questions about Loupe and VistaDB get answered quickly and completely.


What Customers are Saying

I'm ecstatic... I downloaded the trial version and in about 10 minutes built the report in VisualStudio that I have been trying to get for months from the developer of [product].
T Klancar
Thanks for making my life a whole lot simpler (as far as programming goes)...
J Link

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