Loupe Desktop: Free Log Framework & Viewers

Awesome Logging & Metrics with Real-Time & Off-Line Analysis Tools

Loupe integrates in minutes and is safe for use in production.  Use it to log exceptions, events and metrics so you can resolve issues quickly and easily.

Nothing to buy

Everything you get when you install Loupe Desktop is completely free and redistributable.

Integration is easy

Just add an assembly reference and a few lines of code or XML.
See details for ASP.NET Webforms, ASP.NET MVC, WinFormsWPF, Services and Entity Framework.

Simple & powerful logging that makes a difference

Exception Reporting

Loupe automatically records unhandled exceptions and provides API calls to record additional errors. All exceptions include stack traces and other details that aid in analysis.

Sample Exception
Sample Log Viewer

Analyze Logs

Loupe Desktop is a sophisticated log analysis tools with many ways to sort, group, filter and highlight logs so that you can quickly find the root cause of an issue even in logs containing millions of messages.

Monitor Logs in Real-Time

Loupe Viewer is a single-file EXE you can redistribute with your applications for convenient real-time local log viewing.

Sample Live Viewer
Sample Graph

Graph Metrics Over Time

Loupe collects dozens of userful Windows Performance Counters tracking memory, processor, disk and network usage. Graphs are correlated with log messages making it easy to understand relationships in time.

Analyze Performance

Loupe also provides powerful charting capabilities that are useful for performance and usage tracking. You can easily include your own metrics through custom metrics through our API and AOP support.

Sample Chart

And there's MUCH more...

Everything above comes with just a couple lines of code and/or XML.

Going a bit further, you can: