Loupe Server: Centralized Log & Error Management

Streamlined Error Management

Loupe highlights the most important errors and pinpoints root causes.

Whether you're a start-up with your first beta or an enterprise supporting thousands of users, Loupe groups related errors and puts each in context to understand when it's occurring, how often, who it's impacting and how it's affecting your users.

Application Dashboard

Loupe's Application Dashboard provides an overview off all your applications organized by product with drill-dows for additional error and usage information.

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Alternately, you can also install Loupe Server on your own infrastructure and run an On-Premises Trial

Live Error Dashboards

Monitor errors and warnings across your entire application portfolio.

  • Latest Log Events Most recent events (unfiltered).
  • Latest Application Events Most recent unique events.
  • Application Events for Review: Events that are pending review.
  • Open Issues: Events associated with with Loupe issues.

Event Review

Keep on top of application errors by choosing the appropriate next action for each event:

  • New Issue: Assign an Issue to someone on your team.
  • Add to Existing Issue: Multiple events can be managed as a single issue.
  • Ignore: Ignoring an event removes it from the list, but it will reappear if it reoccurs.
  • Suppress: Suppressing an event keeps it off Review list unless/until you unsuppress it.

You can automate the review process with configurable rules such as automatically creating Issues for critical errors in production or ignoring events on development builds.

Error Statistics

Loupe provides a great deal of detail about each error. For example, you can graph the distribution of each error by computer, user, application version, operating system, time zone, culture, or hardware characteristics.

Loupe Server cross references each error with the logs containing it making it easy for you to see the sequence of events leading up to any error in Loupe Desktop.

Error Details

Loupe provides rich details on each error including a root causes analysis of the stack trace identifying the most likely place in your code where a defect exists.

Error Overview

Loupe  summarizes pertinent information about the context in which each error occurs. See at a glance if an error only occurs in certain application versions or a particular operating system or on computers with very little memory or running in certain timezones.

Create Issue

When you decide, upon review of one or more related application events, that a coding change is required, create an Issue in Loupe and assign it to a member of your team.

Loupe will continuously update each issue as additional logs are received so your staff will always have the latest data at their fingertips.

You can also link a Loupe issue with a ticket in an external helpdesk or defect tracking system.

Error Notifications

Loupe Server provides a rich variety of configurable email notifications. In this example, a developer is notified when an issue is assigned to them. Other examples of email notifications include:

  • A new error was detected in a released version of particular application.
  • One or more errors occurred in any application run by a major customer
  • An issue has been marked resolved

Notification emails contain the critical details you need to decide whether you need to leave a meeting along with hyperlinks that access the full details in Loupe Server

Version Aware
Log Analysis

Loupe understands application versions so that it can distinguish between a botched fix and a user running an old version of an application.

Try Loupe Server

Alternately, you can also install Loupe Server on your own infrastructure and run an On-Premises Trial

Loupe is designed at every level to address the complexities of the real world.  Buffering at multiple stages prevents overrun conditions.  Multiple occurrences of the same error signature are aggregated then evaluated against configurable rules that suppress noise.  Additional rules can convert error events into issues with email notifications sent to the appropriate parties.  Other events can be manually processed by an efficient triage workflow.

Loupe Server is available both as a a subscription service we host for you or as a licensed product you can run on your own infrastructure.