VistaDB 5
SQL Query Pane

The SQL Query pane allows you to run interactive queries and other SQL commands against the currently loaded database.

The upper portion of the pane allows you to type SQL commands and execute them.  The lower tabbed area will display the outputs of running the SQL commands against the current database.  See SQL Query Results for more information.

Saved and Unsaved Changes

Notice at the top of the screenshot above there is a green bar next to a comment, and a yellow one.

All saved changes since the last load are coded in green. All changes since the last save are displayed in yellow.

SQL Editor Features

To highlight just a few of the common features you will find useful:

  • Undo / Redo
  • Syntax Highlighting with SQL Syntax
  • Block selection Tab indent and outdent
  • Visual cues for unsaved regions of edits
  • Collapsible regions of text
  • Find and Replace with advanced matching, regex support and more
  • Goto line
  • Shortcut support
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